Sunday services 

Sunday services are the heart of Chalmers. We meet to hear God's Word, to praise him in song and to encourage one another. Whether you're already a Christian or you're just investigating, we hope you'll find these times both welcoming and helpful. 

We are delighted to be able to meet again in person for Sunday services.  Our goal is for people to be able to come to a service in person as regularly as possible, with the facility to watch other services online (see below).  In order to facilitate this we are asking people to sign up to come to services.

If you're already booked into a service but can't make a date you're signed up for please use this form to let us know.  If you'd like to you can also use this form to see if there is another date or time you can come instead.
More information about meeting together in person can be found on the Elders' update on transitioning out of lockdown. You are also very welcome to turn up and if there is space we’ll accommodate you in the service, however it would be easier for us and for you, if you feel able to, if you can let us know when you would like to come. 

For more information about the procedures that are in place to keep everyone safe at this time, see here

Sunday services continue to be available by livestream every Sunday at 11am and 6.30pm.  
Service sheets for this Sunday can be found here.


During the current coronavirus restrictions, Sunday services are at 9am, 11am, 4.30pm and 6.30pm.

Everyone is welcome to join these services in person or via livestream (at 11am and 6.30pm).
Service sheets for this Sunday can be found here.



Services run for about an hour and are fairly informal. They are centred around the reading of the Bible and a sermon on the passage. There is also a mixture of modern songs, hymns and prayers. If you're new to church, visit the new to church page for more information on what to expect when you come. 

Sunday services are at Chalmers Church, 69b Morningside Road, Edinburgh EH10 4AZ

There is free on street parking near the church on a Sunday and buses 5, 11, 16, 23 and 36 stop on Morningside Road.