Elders at Chalmers 

The Bible teaches that churches should be led by elders. Chalmers has eighteen elders who provide overall leadership and serve in different ways through the life of the church.

Robin Sydserff, minister, leads the elders. The elders exercise leadership in the church in a number of different ways.  They meet together fortnightly as a group with smaller groups of elders meeting to facilitate specific work.  The different ministries throughout the church are 'elder-led' with specific elders appointed in an oversight capacity to each ministry.  The work of the elders is co-ordinated by Alan MacKenzie in his role as Clerk to the elders. 

Andy Buchan   Roger Day   Iain Devereux   Bruce Foley
Andy Buchan   Roger Day   Iain Devereux   Bruce Foley
Graham Gibb   Jonny Gilmour   Calum Gruer 2021 Liam Rotheram   David Laing 01 Print-ready
Graham Gibb   Jonny Gilmour   Calum Gruer   David Laing
Alan MacKenzie   Norman Martin   Joe McNeilly   Jay (2)
Alan MacKenzie       Norman Martin    Joe McNeilly    Jay Parsons
David Rogers   Willie Stewart   Robin Sydserff   Derek Traynor
David Rogers   Willie Stewart   Robin Sydserff   Derek Traynor
David Voge   Chris Wallace        
David Voge   Chris Wallace        

If you would like to contact one of the elders please visit the Contact Us page.



Deacons assist the elders in their leadership of the local church by taking responsibility for the practical matters in church life.

Jessie Bell   Allan Green 2021 Liam Rotheram   Emma Lyon (2) Se, P, W, SM   Sheila Skedd
Jessie Bell
Pastoral Care
  Allan Green
  Emma Lyon
Health and Safety
  Sheila Skedd
Pastoral Care
John Sorley   Andrew Wright 2021 Liam Rother        
John Sorley
  Andrew Wright


Robin Roger

Please find below an introduction to the staff team. To contact a member of staff please click on their name.

Robin Sydserff Robin Sydserff, Minister
Robin’s key responsibilities at Chalmers include preaching, leadership of the Elders and staff team, strategy and pastoral care. 
Prior to coming to Edinburgh in 2009, Robin spent four years as Director of Ministry at The Proclamation Trust in London.
Robin is married to Sally and they have three children - Lucy, David and William. 
Roger Day Roger Day, Associate Minister
Alongside regular preaching, Roger is responsible for small groups and leading the ministry associate programme at Chalmers.   In 2017 he completed his Master of Theology at Oak Hill College, having previously worked for St Helen's Bishopsgate in London.
Roger is married to Jessi and they have two children. 
Jay square Jay Parsons, Associate Minister
Jay oversees work with children and young people, membership and Global Missions at Chalmers.  He has a significant role in pastoral care and is part of the preaching team.  After studying at Oakhill Jay worked for 10 years on the staff team at Christ Church Banstead before moving to Edinburgh in 2020. 
Jay is married to Jo and they have three children.
Jonny Gilmour Jonny Gilmour, Assistant Minister
Jonny is in final year of the training programme, and is also an elder. This year, Jonny is leading the student team. Jonny is involved in pastoral care, and also preaches and leads services.  Before joining the staff team at Chalmers, Jonny worked as a lawyer.  He is married to Fiona and they have two sons.   
Scott Hamilton Scott Hamilton, Minister in Training
Scott has been at Chalmers for 8 years, joining the staff team in August 2019.  His responsibilities include leading music, and co-leading the Cord small group network.  Scott also preaches and leads services.  He’s combining working at Chalmers with studying theology with Crosslands.  Before working at Chalmers Scott worked with UCCF for four years as a Staff Worker.
Naomi Wright Naomi Wright, Administrator
Naomi spent two years on the Ministry Associate Programme at Chalmers before joining the staff team in August 2015.  
Naomi works Tues, Thurs, Fri 8.45am-4.30pm and Wed 1pm-4pm

Pastoral Ministry Group 

Pastoral care primarily happens through Chalmers' small group networks. The pastoral ministry group provide care for people who aren't able to be in a small group or who need additional pastoral support

Robin Sydserff   Jessie Bell
Roger Day   Pat Edwards Se, P, W, SM (3)
Robin Sydserff   Jessie Bell   Roger Day   Pat Edwards
Catherine Gibb   Fiona   Joe McNeilly - square   Jay square
Catherine Gibb   Fiona MacKenzie   Joe McNeilly   Jay Parsons
Sheila Skedd   Sally Sydserff        
Sheila Skedd   Sally Sydserff        

To contact the pastoral ministry group please email Sheila Skedd.